Brushless DC motors

Brushless DC motors

Nanotec brushless DC motors electronically commuted 3-phase motors (EC motors) are especially well suited for applications requiring quiet running characteristics and a long service life.
The high-energy permanent magnets allow high acceleration rates, combined with very high efficiency and speeds of up to 14,000 rpm. The rotor position is fed back electronically by three Hall sensors offset by 120°. Together with an encoder, BLDC motors can also be used in applications requiring precise positioning. In this range you can find Internal rotor motors, External rotor motors, Slotless motors and Brushless DC motors with encoder, IP65.


  • Higher efficiency and power density than induction motors (approx. 35% volume and weight
    reduction with the same output)
  • Long service life and quiet running thanks to precision ball bearings
  • Wide speed range with full motor output due to linear torque curve  Reduced electrical interference
  • Mechanically exchangeable with stepper motors, hence less construction expense and greater parts


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